APRA often receives questions asking the difference between the certifications for Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) and Certified Pool Operator (CPO), so in keeping with our mission to Connect + Educate + Inspire, we provided comparative information for your review. 

We encourage aquatic professionals to first check with their organization's recommendations or requirements as part of the decision making process.At this time, APRA only offers the nationally recognized AFO Certification Course/Exam. 


  • Pool & Spa Codes
  • Pool Calculations
  • Filters & Filtration
  • Pool Water Sanitizing
  • Chemical Balance
  • Spas/Hot Tub & Therapy Pools
  • Water Testing
  • Pool & Spa Maintenance
  • Pool Operational Problems
  • Disease & Accident Prevention


  • National Standards (ADA/Accessibility, CDC, Model Aquatic Health Code, and OSHA)
  • Pool Calculations
  • Filters & Filtration
  • Water Chemistry
  • Spas/Hot Tub & Therapy Pools
  • Water Testing, Treatment and Balance
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Corrective and Preventative Operations (circulation, pumps, flow meters, heaters, feeders)
  • Health & Safety (disease, accident prevention and reporting)

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