There are a number of different opportunities for member to attend various workshops, certifications and symposiums throughout the year. Below are just a few of the certification classes APRA holds each year.  

For a full list of upcoming program dates please check the APRA Calendar.

Aquatic Facility Operators Course

The Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) is a state-of-the-art certification for pool operators and aquatic facility managers. More than 16,000 aquatic facility operators have gained certification in the program's 16 years of existence. 

AFO is a National Certification that is offered in cooperation with the National Recreation and Parks Association. AFO is a 5 year certification.

5 year certification  - AFO FAQ's

Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course

The Certified Playground Safety Inspector Course (CPSI) is a National Certification that provides the credentials to inspect playgrounds for safety ensuring that each playground meets the current national standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 

Offered in cooperation with the National Parks and Recreation Association.

Certified Pool Operator Course

The Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification courses are designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations. The Certified Pool/Spa Operator® certification program has delivered more training than any other program in the pool and spa industry since 1972, resulting in more than 282,000 successful CPO® certifications in 64 countries. Many state and local health departments accept the CPO® certification program.

5 year certification   - CPO FAQ's

Certified Youth Sports Administrator Certification

The Academy for Youth Sports Administrators is a comprehensive certification program that offers cutting-edge information on critical topics for professional youth sports administrators today. The Academy’s primary goal is to provide attendees with a foundation and tools needed to positively impact the youth sports experience for ALL children in their communities. Topics covered include: Youth sports philosophy, Professional development, Mission statements, Policies & procedures, Volunteer management, Child abuse prevention, Parent management, Conflict resolution, Insurance & risk management, Inclusion of children with disabilities, Evaluation & marketing of your program, Emergency planning, Model youth sports program, plus more.

AFO Certification vs. CPO Certification
Q: Should I take the CPO or AFO certification?

A: The Aquatic Facility Operator Certification is recognized by the CDC and all fifty states to satisfy the same requirements as the CPO. However, in addition to just pool chemistry and mechanics the AFO certification also covers facility management, programming and profitability.

AFO will show you how to achieve profitability within the aquatic facility using swim lessons, aqua fitness and aquatic therapy. AFO will discuss current trends in facility and programming design plus give resources to help you help your facility be top notch. If you look around at job postings for aquatic directors in major metro areas you will often see AFO certification as now being a job requirement in place of CPO.

CPO is a great certification for residential swimming pools but AFO is preferable when you are working in an aquatic facility.

How do I renew my Certification?

View the NRPA Power Point on specifics of Certifications, Costs, Why and other specifics.


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