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Get to Know your Board of Directors...

Executive Committee - The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Association: President, President-Elect, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer. The duties of the Executive Committee are stated in the current Bylaws.

Full Board of Directors - Comprised of 15 members, this group takes official action on all APRA matters such as approving appointed Board members, approving the annual budget, approving the appointment and removal of the Executive Director, and approving business and financial matters for the association. The Board of Directors meets quarterly (or as needed) at various locations throughout the state or via video conference. Voting members of the Board of Directors include the five Executive Committee members, five Regional Directors, three Committee Chairs (Program, Marketing and Membership), and two other representatives (one from the Young Professional ranks and the other from our Business/Corporate representatives).  The Executive Director is an Ex-Officio member of the board in a non-voting role.

Committees of the Board

Three primary Committees are established to handle many of the business and operational functions of the Association. Each Committee is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Funds will be allocated to the various committees at the beginning of each budget cycle with the intentions that each committee will sustain their operations, or increase revenue for the Association.

Program Committee - The objective of the Program Committee is to provide professional development for all members statewide. This Committee will also offer services that help members become the best parks and recreation service providers. This committee will also help select education sessions as part of the annual conference. The Program Committee Chair will also serve as the Education Chair on the Conference Committee.

Membership Committee – The objective of the Membership Committee is to increase and retain membership of the Association. This Committee will also recommend membership fee structures from time to time and seek benefits that increase value of the membership. 

Marketing Committee – The objective of the Marketing Committee is to provide support to the other two committees and Association through promotion, broadening and improvement of parks and recreation. 

Conference Committee – (not a member of the board of directors) The objective of the Conference Committee is to provide the support, planning and execution of the APRA Annual Conference and Trade Show. In addition, the Awards Selection Committee shall be a standing committee under the Conference Committee. Members of the Awards Selection Committee review and score the annual awards presented at conference each August. 

Nominating CommitteeThe Association’s Nominating Committee (comprised in part of individuals having served as President in the last ten years) is charged with the responsibility of recruiting and screening candidates. The Nominating Committee may eliminate candidates that have not demonstrated their qualifications for the office for which they are nominated or for which they have applied. 

The Committee will review all information on candidates, determine which meet the minimum established criteria, evaluate the leadership capacity of the candidate as demonstrated in written responses to questions and potentially personal conversation with the candidate, and advance a slate of candidates to the Board of Directors.  The slate, as approved by the Board of Directors, is forwarded to the membership for a vote and final selection.

Role of Regional Representative

The secondary organization unit of the Association will be the geographic region. There will be five (5) regions (North, South, East, West and Central) each with representation on the Board of Directors. Regions will be divided by the following counties:

East Region                            includes Apache, Navajo, Greenlee, Cochise and Graham Counties

North Region                          includes Coconino, Yavapai, and Gila Counties

Central Region                       includes Maricopa County

South Region                          includes Pinal, Pima and Santa Cruz Counties

West Region                           includes Yuma, La Paz and Mohave Counties

It is the Representatives role to report all pertinent information and actions of their respective area to members of the Board, and keep their regional members informed of the business affairs of APRA. 

The Region Reps plays an important role in helping the Board ensure the overall health of the organization through active participation in Board meetings and regular communication within their respective region. The Regional Rep plays critical role in assisting APRA in offering high quality professional development opportunities based on the needs in their area by;

  • assisting those in their region on the process to obtain funding via the submittal process
  • if needed, to coordinate locations
  • conducting quarterly networking events or conference calls to take the pulse of your constituents
  • communicating those needs to the APRA Board of Directors

Region Representation can also use volunteers to help coordinate regional activities and do outreach to area constituents. 

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