APRA has created TEAM(S) that best supports our member's unique job functions and personal interests. With active participation at its core, TEAMS can generate exciting new opportunities for engagement, professional development and industry collaboration. The purpose of our new TEAM format is to facilitate organized discussions of like professionals in the specific field of expertise.  

Administrative &

Support Professionals TEAM

The "IT" team! We say it, spell it, generate it, edit it, answer it, order it, collect it, schedule it, facilitate it, manage it, disseminate it, track it, pay it, organize it, file it, and do it all over again, before noon. Superpower = herding cats.

A champion of health, fitness, fun, and water safety for all ages and abilities. Making a splash sharing best practices, search for innovative aquatics programming, and stay connected.

Aquatics TEAM

Cultural Diversity TEAM

If you're ready to see your world through a new lens, grab your rose colored glasses, step out of your comfort zone and join us for connections and conversations that dig deep. Warning! This TEAM may provoke individual thought and long-lasting meaning.

Prepare to engage, learn, and take your career to the next level! We are a solid group of agency leaders; steadfast in our mission to advance the industry through advocacy, innovation, best-practices, and mentorship. We're ready to help, if you're ready to go.

Directors & Administrators TEAM

Recreation & Facilities Management TEAM

Responsible for maintaining parks, facilities, open space, trails, and landscape assessment. Administers service contracts; managing capital projects; resolving customer complaints; coordinating compliance with agency ordinances, and performs a variety of technical tasks relative to assigned areas of responsibility. Exercises direct supervision over maintenance, professional, technical, and administrative support staff. In a word....we do it all!

If protecting the world around you keeps you up at night; join our trek to hunt for innovative ways to support, protect and restore Arizona "Au naturel."

Outdoor & Natural Resources TEAM

Park & Facility Maintenance TEAM

Parks are like superheroes! Underneath each unique exterior lies a set of extraordinary abilities. Each has an inherent mission to serve, shares a great sense of responsibility, protects everyone equally, and is tolerant of all pain and abuse. Join the movement to be a superhero sidekick!

We design and lead recreational leisure activities for groups in various agencies or recreation facilities, such as playgrounds, parks, camps and senior centers. Coordinating activities in areas such as arts and crafts, sports, games, music, nature and camping.  

Recreation TEAM

Senior & Active Adults TEAM

Age is unimportant unless you're a cheese! Our comedic TEAM shares laughs alongside professional ideas and strategies for continuous improvement; however, equally as important, we share a human connection. Be there or be square!

We mix a splash of "ooohhh", a handful of "ahhhh" and a round of applause into everything we do. We're the fun factory, the smile generators and the long-term memory makers of Arizona. Hey, making people happy is hard work; make it easier on yourself and join the fun.

Special Events TEAM

Sports TEAM

We plan, organize, lead and control sports events, programs, personnel, and facilities. Members of the recreational sports profession who focus on designing and managing sports programs for the primary purpose of encouraging active participation. Sport management and marketing professionals in other areas of the sports industry focus on managing and marketing sports opportunities for elite athletes or staging events for spectators.

We are more than just IT! We set it up, back it up, update it, support it, learn it, test it, like it and share it. Truth be told, IT'S everything. 

Technology Engagement TEAM

Therapeutic Recreation TEAM

Therapeutic Recreation, also known as recreation therapy, is a unique profession that uses recreation and activity-based interventions to help improve people’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual and leisure functioning to enjoy life more fully. Recreational therapists help others get better by leading them in activities they love to do.

Our Tribal TEAM focuses on the needs of the parks and recreation professionals who work in or closely with Native American Communities.

Tribal TEAM

Young Professionals TEAM

This network is intended to be a forum and networking TEAM for discussion, sharing of knowledge and unique to the needs and interests of members under the age of 35 working in the park and recreation field or students currently pursuing a degree in parks, recreation, or other related fields.

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