PRELIMINARY training proposals library

In our ongoing effort to meet the educational needs of our APRA membership, we would like to create a comprehensive library of diverse relevant training proposals that will be readily available to offer for various programs throughout the year. In order to create such a library of training topics, APRA is issuing this call for Preliminary Training Proposals. Please note: this is a call for General Proposals, not the Call for Proposals for the Annual Conference.

Who should consider submitting proposals?

  • Park and recreation professionals
  • Park and recreation and related educators
  • Park and recreation students
  • Park and recreation vendors, contractors and related groups
  • Professional speakers and professionals aligned with park and recreation's mission
  • Planners, Landscape Architects, Public Health Administrators, City and County Managers, Naturalists
  • Anyone interested in sharing their knowledge with park and recreation professionals
  • Presenters should have experience with public speaking and have conducted an educational training session in the past
  • For those interested in presenting with little or no experience, it is suggested to co-present

Selection Criteria

APRA seeks to fulfill the educational needs of our members by offering diverse, captivating and comprehensive training sessions that reflect a multitude of perspectives. We will select sessions based on their contribution to the following criteria:

  1. Overall quality of the proposal (appropriate grammar, no misspellings)
  2. Focused and well-defined topic (well written summary)
  3. Timeliness of topic (adheres to current trends; aligns with available technology)
  4. Relevance to the park and recreation profession
  5. Practical application of material (will the audience have immediate application of the content?)
  6. Presentation experience and skills of the proposed speaker(s)
  7. Adheres to APRA Mission

Training Incentives


  • Networking
  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise with others
  • Building credibility as an authority on subject matter
  • Opportunities to mentor professionals interested in your area(s) of expertise

APRA Training Network

APRA will launch the APRA Training Network of accomplished trainers who have successfully conducted multiple individualized trainings for APRA (co-presenting is acceptable). This Training Network will be made available to all APRA Agencies and Regions to conduct in-house training based upon availability. In order to remain in good standing in the APRA Training Network, professionals must conduct at least one APRA training in the past two years and become an ambassador to help identify new and developing trainers in the field.

Training Times

  • Trainings are held Monday - Friday on non-holidays.
  • 1.15 - 2.5 hour sessions
  • 1/2 Day Training
  • Full Day or Multi-Day Workshops

Training Locations

Please specify if your training requires specific facility requirements (pool, playground, etc.) when completing the form.

Commercial / Promotional Restrictions

Your presentation may NOT sell, raffle or otherwise promote a product, service or organization in which you have a financial interest.

Applying for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Many APRA members work hard to retain their professional certifications, which require CEU's. Once your session has been accepted, presenters will be required to complete and submit the CEU approval form.

Ready to Submit Your Training Ideas?

  • Step One - Complete the Preliminary Training Proposal Form (below)
  • Step Two - Submission will be reviewed by the Program Committee
  • Step Three - A member of the Program Committee will follow up to obtain more details 
  • Step Four - Once accepted, you will be required to complete a CEU Request Form


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