Virtual Exhibit Hall FAQ's

We know you have lots of questions about exhibiting in this new environment. APRA will continue to get answers to your questions to include on this page. Be sure to check here first if you have a questions.   If you don't see the information you need listed then email Linda or the APRA office. 

If you have not already viewed the video link to the Endless Events Q&A this will give a better understanding of the platform opportunities using the link below. 


When can vendors start to set up their virtual booth?

All registered vendors will receive a link from Endless Event the week of July 20th to upload and start building out the virtual booth. All booths are required to be set up no later than August 3rd. The full site will go live on August 4th. The vendor portal will have full details on specific items, sizes etc. 

A Zoom meeting will be scheduled on July 20th to walk through how to set up the space and allow the vendors an opportunity to ask questions of the Endless team. A meeting invite will be sent to the contact information listed on the event registration. 

I have not received the welcome email to set up my profile.

I recommend connecting with your IT team to whitelist and through your email server.

What information will I need when setting up my booth?

Typically, company logo/header, all staff who need to access the booth, bio of company, website, links, etc.

There is an “items” module that allows exhibitors to showcase their specific service/product offerings – these can be customized, commonly we see ‘services’, ‘products’, and ‘job offers’ – the information in these can also be pre-determined across the platform but generally would involve a photo, description, and can include additional text/long answer/numeric type fields.

Videos can be uploaded into your booth, here you can highlight your company, product demos, or just have some fun! 

Decide your "office hours" so attendees can live chat with your staff or schedule one-on-one meetings. You will be able to set up these times when setting up the booth. 

What do you mean "set-up" my booth?

Vendors will have an Exhibitor Center for self service where they can create their own profiles as they see fit up until or even during the event.

How long will it take to set up my booth?

That all depends on how much effort you want to put into it. The very basic of booths can be set up in less than an hour, on average, most vendors an expect to spend approximately three hours. 

How do I add staff to my booth?

Each vendor can add up to three additional staff to help work the booth, chat with attendees and set up meetings. The main contact from your team received an email to set up the booth from and are already loaded into the system. Any remaining staff will need to register HERE before COB August 3rd.

After registration closes on August 3rd, APRA staff will send the list of all registered booth staff to the production team at Endless Events. Once the production team uploads those names into their system your team members will receive a link to set up a profile. Only after your team has created their profiles, can you then add them to your booth space. 

Is there a size limit for video uploads? What file formats can be uploaded?

There is no size limit to the videos. Most common file formats are able to be uploaded including MP4, MOV, WMV, QT, AVI.

What kind of metrics can the platform provide to each vendor?

Vendors would have basic metrics in their exhibitor center portal that they can self monitor for the Item/Exhibitor pages including meetings scheduled and with who, number of page views, number of page favorites, contact export for lead capture of all meetings --- captures SQL data – expecting release of ‘who viewed the page’ as a MQL methodology.

What are the exhibit hall hours?

The best thing about going virtual is the exhibit hall is open 24 hours a day for three days of the live conference and the content will live on for 60 day post-conference. Giving you the kind of exposure you could never get at an in-person event! 

You decide what  hours the booth will have staff available  to live chat or schedule one-on-one meetings. You will be able to schedule these times when setting up the booth. 

How can I attract people to my virtual booth space?

Here's where you can get creative! Send out a teaser to all attendees prior to the conference, each vendor will receive the attendee list one week prior to the event. Message through the conference app and remind people to stop by. Hold a raffle or scavenger hunt, download an on-line game, show videos. Send private messages during the conference to attendees who you are interested in speaking with and ask them for a meeting.

If we are providing open content on our page, won’t our competitors be able to go and get it as well?

The platform restricts the Exhibit Hall to only be seen by Presenters and Attendees, so Exhibitors only see their own booth.  Presenters from companies have "Expo" as their primary role, so it will apply those settings even to them. 

Artificial Intelligence – is it going to promote our competitors if an attendee shows interest in us?

The AI favors/weights more heavily the exhibit(s) visited, but if an attendee has attended sessions on a topic, interacted in meetings about topic, and is searching a topic area, then yes it will recommend exhibitors in that topic area. We cannot/would not build a system that 'plays favorites' with an exhibitor, as the intent of a hall is for attendees to be able to engage in discussions with a variety of vendors in a service area.

Can vendors add 3rd party apps for Gamification or other incentives? Prize Wheel etc. Is there a data limitation?

YES – can link out to a third party app – call to action link on booth space. Prize concept – within booth the can show products / prize they can give away. Can collect analytics to see who entered drawing.

Can music be on loop for the times the booth is not manned two hours before and after the start/end times each day?

Video header can loop on top header. Videos cannot auto play (with audio) unless you go in and click the button to play each day.

Can vendors build an interactive booth with augmented reality? Would that be supported?

You are permitted to link to your augmented reality, hosted on another site, but would not be able to do so on this platform. Please note that when you link to an outside sources you will lose the ability to track analytics. 

Can other vendors see my booth? 

No. Exhibit Hall vendors cannot view other vendor booths. 

I’m in the show, but don’t see a vendor showcase or trade show button when I’m in the live event.  How can I look at my booth like attendees will see it? 

The Exhibit Hall has been restricted from viewership due to concerns from vendors about competitors gathering information. 

When do staff need to be logged in to work the booth?

There are no specific hours scheduled like an in-person event when people are required to walk through the exhibit hall, attendees can log-in and look around the virtual space anytime. So think of it like this…the virtual exhibit hall is open 24-hours!

It’s up to the individual vendor to decide when they would like to have scheduled “office hours” for people to make one-on-one appointments or live chat. Each vendor will set the times that are convenient for them when they are setting up the booth. The content (booth space) will be available for attendees to access anytime during the LIVE event and through the end of October.

How do we schedule "Office Hours"?

For scheduling office hours - we will have the whole day available for booking where Attendees can request meeting time, and then under the "Meetings" tab of the Exhibitor Center, each exhibitor can determine whether to accept a meeting at the time requested, propose a new time, or decline it. 

Meetings are also video capable, the system will prompt the assigned meeting attendees with a notification and text message whereby the user can click into the video room. Exhibitors will receive a walk through video on Monday, August 10th.

Office hours are set for the whole event and exhibitors be able to accept/decline meetings within those times (also in the video).There is a tab labelled "Office Hours" where you can input info so attendees can best understand when you will be accepting meetings.

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